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The Society espouses the philosophy that information should be a free commodity, that interested collectors should be able to access Society publications as openly as possible. To that end it posts access to digital copies of its print-on-demand titles. Click on one on the below titles to view it as a print-on-demand book. Unless stated otherwise, all titles are in A4 format and illustrations are predominately in colour. Reviews of CPSGB print-on-demand titles appear in the on-line index to Czechout under an item’s author. See CPSGB Monographs for further books on this and similar subjects.

To order a printed copy of a print-on-demand book, contact the Hon. Treasurer. Postage and packing not included in the price.

No. 168: Type and Variation in First Republic Postage Stamps, by Mark Wilson (2016) ■ 16 pages, Colour. Presentation to the Residential Weekend, 2016. Price not yet determined.

No. 149: Reproduction Techniques Used to Print Postage Stamps, by Rudolf Gilbert (2016) ■ 12 pages, B&W. Description of intaglio and relief printing techniques. £5, €6, $8, rate A.

No. 150: The Czech Graphics Union, by Mark Wilson (2015) ■ 48 pages. Display of the consequences of typographic printing as revealed by the stamps themselves. £15, €18, $22, rate C.

No. 182: Czechoslovak Machine Advertising Cancels: The First Republic Period. 10th Edition, by Steven Friedenthal and Peter Schubert. Translations by Peter Schubert and Ludvik Svoboda (2022) ■ 495 pages, Colour. Display and annalysis of machine advertising cancels. Free to download.

No. 152: Bulletin No. 9: English translation of the text of Monografie No. 13 Czech Postmarks from the Beginnings to 1918, edited by C. Wackett (revised 1985) ■ 44 pages. An essential companion to the Monografie. £5, €6, $7, rate C.

No. 153: Fundamental Philatelic Terminology: A vocabulary in Czech/ German/ English, by Vladimír Bernašek (corrected ed 2001) ■ A5, 16 pages . Translations of almost 500 Czech philatelic terms, colours, months and days. £5, €6, $7, rate A.

No. 151: The Postal History of Olomouc, by Derek Baron (2017) ■ 100 pages. Illustrates around 1400 postal markings from 1804 to 2007.£30, €45, $42, rate D.

No. 138: The Postal History of Olomouc. by Derek N Baron.(2nd edition 2021) ■ A4, 120 pages. See free downloads below.

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