The CPSGB Handbook


Click on the above image to consult or download the CPSGB Handbook

The Handbook Encapsulates the Society:

  • An up-to-date history of the CPSGB
  • Lists CPSGB officers since the founding of the Society
  • Has photographs of all CPSGB Life Presidents
  • Lists all CPSGB Life Members
  • Has the text of the CPSGB Constitution
  • States the CPSGB's privacy policy
  • Describes the rules and regulations for CPSGB Competitions and Awards:
    • George Pearson Trophy, Francis Petitt Salver
    • Kay Goodman Trophy, Bill Dawson Memorial Prize
    • As well as the winners of each by year
  • National and international literature awards for CPSGB publications
  • Regulations for CPSGB auctions, packets, and lending library
  • Describes the purpose and structure of CPSGB Residential Weekends
  • Has a complete inventory of CPSGB property